The Nigerian Association of Wichita (NAW)

EVENT COMING UP: 2012 NAW Cultural Festival

Nigerian Association of Wichita (NAW) was founded by individuals of Nigerian origin living in Wichita, Kansas. One of our goals is to raise children that not only recognize our vast cultural heritage, but also to pursue endeavors that will help make the world a better place for all.

We have used the strength of association to educate our community about our culture. We encourage our children to pursue educational excellence. We promote activities that build unity, brotherhood and sisterhood. We support likeminded organization with charitable causes through volunteer and outreach activities and partnerships.

We hope by visiting this website you will gain valuable information about who we are as an organization, as well as Nigerians as a people. You will find photos and videos of NAW events. We hope you will find this website as a source of valuable information about the vast Nigerian cultural heritage. And we encourage you to support this Association by attending NAW events and with your gifts.

Thank you.